Day 24 Clean up for Juicer Timed

Someone was curious to know how long it takes me to clean up the juicer. It took me 6 min. and 30 sec. to clean up from making Carrot Spinach Juice pg. 187 and Carrot Beet and Greens Juice pg. 187 Both were just okay. I definitely would recommend adding an apple to the juice. Spinach juice is a great way to get vitamin A, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Helps Anemia, Cancer, Circulatory Weakness, Diabetes, and Skin disorders.

I also made Grape Juice pg. 194, Pineapple Juice pg. 194, Pineapple Grape Juice pg. 194 and Pineapple Orange Juice pg. 195 (Photos in that order) Definitely liked these!


I know a lot of you don’t have a juicer so after tomorrow I am planning to go back to posting recipes.


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