I finally got a camera! The joke around our house was in 2050 when I finally get my camera. Well….I finally have one and am very happy!!! 🙂 I bet my brother is happy too since he has been graciously letting me use his camera.

Today I made:

Raw Apple Sauce pg.113 It was fine. Would have been better with more seasonings like cinnamon or nutmeg. This recipe isn’t like regular applesauce unless you put it through the juicer (or blender?) I decided not to use the juicer since I’ve done so many juicing recipes. I felt bad for those following this blog who don’t have one.

Hallelujah Acres Vegetable Salad pg. 152 Fine. Just your basic salad.

Lemon and Oil Dressing pg. 177 Much too strong of a lemon flavor in comparison to the other ingredients. If you want to pucker, this is the recipe for you!

Fettucine Alfredo pg. 252 Surprisingly better than I thought it would be considering the base was water instead of dairy. I am beginning to realize though, that the only thing I really like cilantro in is salsa.

Sorry about the lack of recipes posted. I specifically didn’t do juicing recipes today so I could post some recipes for those who don’t have a juicer. Unfortunately, none of the recipes today tasted great enough for me to want to publish. Maybe tomorrow?

For those interested… to date I have done about 55 recipes from the Recipes for Life cookbook in a little over 1 month’s time.  I have about 360 recipes to go and approximately 252 days left.


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