I think I drank from the Pacific Ocean!

So I made Cucumber Pickles pg. 221 and were they ever salty! They called for 1/2 c. of salt. They have so many errors in this book that I thought it was a misprint and emailed Hallelujah Acres to find out.  They said this was the correct amount. Still not trusting them entirely, I did 1/4 c. of salt instead. Still too much! I think this recipe definitely could be delicious. Just not with that much salt! This recipe called for using  All Purpose Seasoning pg. 313 which I made and think I like. Not sure though, since the dish I put it in only tasted like salt.

Two-Potato Casserole pg.256 Good. Needed some salt though. Should have taken some from my Cucumber Pickles! I liked having regular potatoes and sweet potatoes mixed together. Good idea!

Tomato and Avocado Pita Pocket pg. 278 Good! Would taste really delicious with ranch dressing. I accidentally bought flat bread instead of pita pockets so that’s why it looks funny.

Fruit Plate pg. 149 Okay. Nothing spectacular.

 See you on Monday!


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